Seed Bank Dry Room Temperature?

What temperature is your dry room? I understand that the goal RH will change based on temp. If the room is 15C our goal RH will be 15-20%, if it is room temp (20C?) our goal will be closer to 25-35%, as per CPC recommendations. What is the preferred temp for a dry room? Thanks!

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Submitted by Michael Kunz on Thu, 06/04/2020 - 8:37pm

In the humid SE and in an old (and poorly constructed) building, we keep our dry room at 20C and 35% RH.  If I could do it without buring out our dehumidifier, I'd try to keep the room closer to the 25-30%RH.   We use saturated salts to dry seed to storage levels.  I recall Chris Walters telling me she liked 25% RH, but I hope she can answer specifically. 

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