Public Launch of CPC Rare Plant Academy - December 5th!

Thank you to all of our CPC Conservation Officers who have participated in the initial beta testing of this platform. You may have noticed that we recently changed our name from “Plant Nucleus” to “CPC Rare Plant Academy” to reflect our aspiration of becoming a nexus of learning for the plant conservation community. Through our upcoming newsletter, we will launch CPC Rare Plant Academy beyond the CPC network to reach academic plant biologists, land managers, environmental consultants, horticulturists, government agencies, and other conservation practitioners. We encourage you to refer your non-CPC colleagues to the site, and please share with us any suggestions you have about communicating this platform to a broader audience.

We are thrilled at the initial success of this site at communicating plant conservation to a broader audience through increased web visibility. Last month, 500 new users viewed the web-based Best Practice Guidelines on CPC Rare Plant Academy, compared to 58 views of the PDF Best Practice Guidelines on We are excited to see these numbers grow as we begin our formal communications campaign.  

Stay tuned to hear about more developments as we work to grow and share the brain trust of the CPC Network through this interactive conservation resource. We are leaving the beta-testing forum open to all users, so feel free to continue to share any feedback or suggestions through that channel. 

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