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In following Heather's post from yesterday, I wanted to share some information and prices that I received from Flex-Pak. Below is the email from them:

By now you’ve probably received the sample pouches that Elaine sent you.  The material that these pouches are made with is a very robust foil laminate with a full ½ mil of aluminum foil in it.  Pouches made with this laminate will keep your seeds fresh for decades into the future, providing that you make a good fourth side seal.  Both the water vapor and oxygen transmission rates are very close to zero.  I have prepared pricing for the quantities you have requested as well as higher quantities.  At these small quantities, the extra cost of getting more is almost insignificant since the set up costs are the bulk of the cost.  The prices are as follows:


4” x 5 ½”             

3,000     $348.35 per thousand

5,000     $267.50 per thousand

8,000     $232.00 per thousand


6 ¼” x 7 3/8”

1,000     $961.00 per thousand

2,000     $620.75 per thousand

3,000     $494.55 per thousand


2 3/8” x 3 1/8”

1,000     $574.00 per thousand

2,000     $330.50 per thousand

3,000     $233.35 per thousand


If you want to move ahead with this project we’ll look forward to hearing from you.  Or if you have any questions, we’re glad to help .




William J. Reimann

Flex-Pak Packaging Products, Inc.

651 N. Raddant Rd.

Batavia, IL  60510

Phone:  (630) 761-3335

Fax:  (630) 761-3336



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Submitted by Steve Blackwell on Wed, 07/24/2019 - 10:44am

For comparison, I'm including a quote that I got from Moore and Buckle in the UK last year. The prices are in pounds.



Submitted by Holly Forbes on Thu, 12/05/2019 - 4:15pm


What did you end up buying? I am in the market.



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