Documenting threats in field surveys

Did you know that there is a standardized list of threats used by both the Red List and NatureServe (G Ranks) in assessments? You can find it here: Assessors also try to document the scope, severity, and timing of each threat. 

It would be a huge help to keep this in mind when you're in the field or submitting field forms. Instead of writing "there's a road next to the plot", you can write "an old dirt road next to the plot seems to have little effect on the population" or "a major interstate extirpated 50% of the population and is causing indirect effects on the remaining population". 

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Thanks for all the awesome work you do! 

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Submitted by Katie Heineman on Thu, 05/02/2019 - 3:12pm

This is a great resource Anne! I think describing the severity and populations effects of threats is something we could do a better job of in our population monitoring. 

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