GerminaQuant: Interesting Germination Analysis App

Our summer fellow pointed me in the direction of this interactive platform for seed germination analysis. I can see it being a useful instrument for producing visualizations for reports if can make the fields fit your needs. 

Setting up germination tests

I'm new to germination testing and will be running germination trials on lots of different species (mostly midwest natives). What kind of plates/containers do you use? What kind of media- agar, blotter paper, sand?) do you use and what do I need to know about keeping it watered/sterilized/labeled? 

Do you always steralize your seeds before "planting" them? If so, what protocol do you follow?

Please share your trials and tribulations! Thanks!

Solidago squarrosa germination techniques

Does anyone have experience with seed treatments and/or tips for germination of Solidago squarrosa?