Katie Heineman

As a data scientist for CPC, I facilitate data sharing and collaborative research in our network of world class plant conservationists. I develop and maintain the CPC National Collection Database, the California Plant Rescue Database, and the suite of tools in the CPC participating institution portal. As a scientist for San Diego Zoo, I support the conservation programs of Plant Conservation Division by perform data analysis and creating data collection and management workflows. Finally, I am the project manager for the web development of Plant Nucleus - so you can contact me with any suggestions, compliments, or grievances (kheineman@saveplants.org).

I look forward to answering question about: R programming, bioinformatics, data sharing, plant ecology. In a previous life, I did my graduate thesis on nutrient cycling in a Panamian montane forests, so I'm always up for a good phosphorus chat. I'm not a great botantist, but my current fave family is Malvaceae: hibiscus is the only thing my tortoise will eat, and the apricot mallow in my yard is glorious.

Contributed Videos

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Augmenting the smallest California endangered Dudleya brevifolia population

Stacy Anderson, Joe Davitt, Katie Heineman, David Hogan, Joyce Maschinski, and Tobin Weatherson, San Diego Zoo Global

Technology and Data Sharing in Support of Collaborative Plant Conservation
Data Sharing in Support of Collaborative Plant Conservation: A Case Study from California Plant Rescue.

Katherine D. Heineman, Christa Horn, Naomi Fraga, Cheryl Sevilla, Heather Schneider, Vanessa Handley, Holly Forbes, Brett Hall, Evan Meyer, Tony Gunroe, Shannon Still, David Magney, Stacy Anderson, Bart O’Brien, Joyce Maschinski