Jennifer Ceska

Jennifer Ceska is Public Service and Outreach Faculty and has been serving as Conservation Coordinator for the State Botanical Garden of Georgia, Athens, since 1995. Her specialty is creating project driven professional networks and facilitating projects for endangered species recovery. While serving as project manager for the Georgia Plant Conservation Alliance, she is also coordinating the Georgia Native Plant Initiative for native plant materials development, the Georgia Milkweed Initiative for ethically and locally sourced Asclepias for Monarch recovery, habitat restoration, and gardening with purpose. Jennifer is passionate about connecting people and plants, is an animated teacher and presenter, and sees outreach as her mission and teaching her calling. She and colleagues partnered to develop educational programs for schools, home gardens, public landscapes and natural areas, such as Connect to Protect, building gardens and habitats for biodiversity - for Georgia native plants and the animals that rely upon them for survival.


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Reintroduction of Smooth Coneflower
Reintroduction of Smooth Coneflower

Jennifer Ceska,Jenny Cruse Sanders, Jim Affolter, Heather Alley, Linda Chafin and Emily Coffey,The State Botanical Garden of Georgia

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Connect to Protect for Biodiversity - Layering Georgia Natives into home gardens, potted displays, and pocket prairies

Jennifer Ceska, Heather Alley, Jim Affolter, and Jenny Cruse-Sanders, The State Botanical Garden of Georgia

Regional Conservation Initiatives video screening and panel
Regional Conservation Initiatives video screening and panel

From the SePPCon 2020 conference, three inspiring videos:

The Southeastern Grasslands Initiative Dr. Dwayne Estes, Southeastern Grasslands Initiative Featuring Dwayne Estes, SGI Director, and Theo Witsell, SGI Chief Ecologist. Filmed and edited by Pamela Pasco.