Heather Schneider

Heather is the Rare Plant Biologist at the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden, where she manages the garden's rare plant conservation and research program. Heather earned her PhD from the University of California, Riverside and has interest and experience in plant ecology, conservation, invasive plants, seed banking, and evolution.


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Part 1B Collecting_maternal lines_Schneider_2019
All in the family - the case for collecting by maternal lines

Heather Schneider, Santa Barbara Botanic Garden

Technology and Data Sharing in Support of Collaborative Plant Conservation
Data Sharing in Support of Collaborative Plant Conservation: A Case Study from California Plant Rescue.

Katherine D. Heineman, Christa Horn, Naomi Fraga, Cheryl Sevilla, Heather Schneider, Vanessa Handley, Holly Forbes, Brett Hall, Evan Meyer, Tony Gunroe, Shannon Still, David Magney, Stacy Anderson, Bart O’Brien, Joyce Maschinski

Rare Plant Preservation via Propagation: Living Conservation Collections Presented by Santa Barbara Botanic Garden
Using Ex-Situ Living Collections to Inform In-Situ Conservation Actions

Heather Schneider, Santa Barbara Botanic Gardens

There are times when drying and storing seeds is not an option for the conservation of a plant species. This might be because the seeds cannot survive the freezing process, or maybe because the species no longer produces seeds in the wild. Researchers at the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden have been working with one such species, the Federally endangered Island Barberry, which no longer reproduces well naturally. While once found on several different channel islands, this species now occurs in a single location.