Toward the Metacollection: Coordinating conservation collections to safeguard plant diversity


BGCI-US and the Montgomery Botanical Center present findings of a 3-year, multi-institutional project to find the most effective ways to capture, steward and sustain plant diversity in botanic gardens. This 12-page guide summarizes the results and lessons learned from intensive review and novel genetic studies of this fundamental need.

“The results all point in one direction,” states Patrick Griffith of Montgomery Botanical Center, who led the project, “Gardens need to work together to save plants.”

We are grateful to the Institute of Museum and Library Services for supporting this project (MG-30-16-0085-16), and to a long list of participating gardens, zoos, associations, and individuals who participated in the research.

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Submitted by Christopher Dunn on Thu, 09/05/2019 - 3:33pm

Congratulations to everyone involved with this important publication!  Well done!

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