Documentation and Data Sharing

Photo of seedling of Polygala smalli

  1. Introduction: Joyce Maschinski and Katherine D. Heineman
  2. Documentation: Joyce Maschinski, Johnny Randall and Katherine D. Heineman
  3. Distributing Samples and Information: Joyce Maschinski, Christina Walters, Katherine D. Heineman, Rowan Blaik, Anne Frances, Christa Horn, Anita Tiller, Pam Allenstein, Stacy Anderson, Spencer Crews, John Horne, Jim Locklear, Kay Havens, Pati Vitt, and Jackie Higgins
Photo of critically imperiled Berberis harrisoniana growing in the Kofa Mountains, Arizona


Documentation and Data Sharing

Part 5 describes the type and format of documentation that comprise best practices needed to ensure the possibility for universal sharing of seed collection, propagation, and reintroduction data.


The Collection

  • Include essential information.
  • Link any associated collections to the seed collection.
  • For ease of data sharing, use international standard labels for your fields.

Horticultural and Experimental Practices

  • Track germination tests and treatments applied to break seed dormancy.
  • Record media, nutrients, and additives used for cultivation whether in nursery or laboratory.


  • Evaluate recipient site characteristics and maintain records.
  • Maintain data of survival and next generation reproduction of the reintroduced population.


Seeds for Plant Tissues

  • Seeds for Plant Tissues
  • Follow agreements and institutional requirements.
  • Evaluate requests and the proportion of an accession that is safe to remove from your collection.
  • Regenerate or increase accessions with fewer than 50 seeds or plants when necessary.
  • Package seeds or plants carefully for transport.
  • Take precaution to avoid transporting pests or pathogens.

Share Data with Partners

  • Help inform the science of plant conservation by sharing your experiences.

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