About the Center for Plant Conservation

CPC’s mission is to ensure stewardship of imperiled native plants. To do this, we implement the following tested and effective strategy: We advance science-based best practices in plant conservation through our network of conservation partners known as Participating Institutions. Our network actively applies these practices to save plants from extinction here in North America as part of the CPC National Collection of Endangered Plants. We share best practices with conservationists all over the world and advocate for plants and their value to humankind.



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Portions of “Part 3 Genetic Guidelines for Acquiring, Maintaining, and Using a Conservation Collection” are adapted from Guerrant, E.O., Jr., P. L. Fiedler, K. Havens, and M. Maunder. Revised genetic sampling guidelines for conservation collections of rare and endangered plants. Ex Situ Plant Conservation: Supporting Species Survival in the Wild, edited by Edward O. Guerrant Jr., Kayri Havens, and Mike Maunder. Copyright © 2004 Island Press. Reproduced by permission of Island Press, Washington, D.C.

Portions of “Part 4 Rare Plant Reintroduction and Other Conservation Translocations” are adapted from Maschinski, J., M.A. Albrecht, L. Monks, and K. E. Haskins. Center for Plant Conservation Best Reintroduction Practice Guidelines. Plant Reintroduction in a Changing Climate: Promises and Perils, edited by Joyce Maschinski and Kristin E. Haskins. Copyright © 2012 Island press. Reproduced by permission of Island Press, Washington, D.C.

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Suggested citation: Center for Plant Conservation. 2019. CPC Best Plant Conservation Practices to Support Species Survival in the Wild. Center for Plant Conservation, Escondido, CA.

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